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Tools & Strategies to Promote Problem Solving Skills


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Most of us will agree that before you can fix any issue, you need to be clear on what it is, why it’s happening, and what your ideal long-term solution will achieve.

Understanding both the nature and the cause of a problem is the only way to figure out which actions will help you resolve it. Learn how to use analysis, synthesis, and positive inquiry to enhance the problem-solving skills of your students and make them critical thinkers.

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Program Outcomes

  • What Will I Learn?
    1. Choose and apply appropriate problem-solving and decision-making processes and methods.
    2. Learn various tools and strategies for building problem-solving skills
    3. Practical Way to implement these tools and strategies

  • How Will I use it?
    1. Identify common obstacles to effective problem solving and decision making
    2. Apply the key elements of problem-solving and decision-making in real-life situations.
    3. Use online tools for enhanced decision making

  • What Difference will it make in my life?
    1. Able to use different categories of Problem-solving tools
    2. Be able to analyze the cause of the problem
    3. Be able to find the effective solution to the problem

Join this program to learn tools and strategies to promote problem-solving skills in your students.
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