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Inquiry Based Learning | All Levels (1 - 4)


Teachers, Heads of Schools, Trainers, Academicians, Content Developers, Home Educators, Tutors, Academic Coordinators, School Trustees, English Teachers (Middle and High), 


An inquiry-based approach helps students own the learning process. In this course, you will experience an inquiry lesson, learn how to ask effective questions, guide student-led research, and assess student learning.

This course is on Google Classroom. Kindly register using your Gmail id to gain access to the course.

Program Outcomes

  • What Will I Learn?
    1. How to ask effective questions that enable students to pursue their own learning?
    2. How to guide student inquiry and assess student learning?
    3. How to create a culture of asking questions in the classroom?

  • How Will I use it?
    1. Incorporate strategies from the workshop into existing lesson plans.
    2. Be able to create new inquiry-based lesson plans based on a template that you create during the workshop.

  • What Difference will it make in my life?
    1. Be a pioneer executing the vision of the NEP 2020 by introducing inquiry-based learning to your school
    2. This approach will allow students in-depth explorations and a deep understanding
    3. Create a cohort of critical thinkers and aware citizens

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